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Send Me Samples

Send Me Samples

If the top media influencers are talking about it, your customers are shopping for it.  At Pink and Associates we take the risk out of your decision making.  We’ve done the market research, have proven sell-through data, and pricing so good you’ll want to bathe in our coconut oil (it’s okay, you can).

Here is what you can count on with our brands:

  • Successful sell-through proven at major retailers.
  • Operational excellence and infrastructure to support major retail chains.
  • Impeccable market response and expansive social media reach (it sells).
  • Reliable vendor set-up turnaround with timestamped deliverables.
  • Our word is gold, with a splash of pink sparkles of course.
  • Best competitive pricing on the market.
  • Product and display innovations created specific for your needs (we care -if you need it, we can create it – not to mention, quickly!)
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